About Us


From our beautiful hometown of Chattanooga, TN we are Jamie and Danielle Webb. Along with Danielle's sister, Lynda, and Jamie's mom, Janis we are Whiskey Glitter.



A little backstory...after a weekend getaway to Kentucky we learned about the Bourbon Trail. We planned another trip to complete it and took the whole family. During this trip, Jamie's mom really loved a bench made from barrel staves so as any good son would do he planned to build her one. We bought a couple of barrels, got back home and... 



It took another year to truly decide to turn this into a business. We eventually opened a booth in 3 local antique stores and started traveling to pop up shows in the southeast. We worked in our basement and driveway until it was just too much so we built a true workshop (Are you seeing a theme here? We are definitely the epitome of do-it-yourself'ers.). Little did we know that basically before we got that shop finished it was already too small. What to do? We had literally just built our dream home and now we had to make the decision to sell it and buy a property that could maintain our growth. All while both working a full time job. Unfortunately we had to step back in order to move forward so we closed 2 of the booths and currently only have the original booth in a cool old building close to downtown called The Refindery on McCallie. 2019 was our biggest year of change - we bought a commercial building, sold our home, both quit our day jobs after 21+ years at the same company. 


In April of 2022 we finally realized our dream and our storefront is NOW OPEN!!! 



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